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How often do you spend your spring cleaning in your house? Do not just wipe the dust, and the seriousness with shoveling the old stuff from the far shelf and removal of garbage bags. Infrequently. And to what good it does not. As they say fans of Feng Shui, there is a stagnation of energy. The house does not appear anything new, not yet thrown out the old stuff. But why all this? In our mind there is something similar to our home. But if the home inspection is carried out at least occasionally, in the head - never. We keep in mind all the granaries that ever happened to us, all the insults, experiences, failures. And I do not remember much longer than good. Many are inclined to analyze past mistakes, make certain conclusions. Again, make mistakes, and analyze again. And there is one more thing that prevents enjoy life - planning for the future. We expect that here, that everything will work out, and will be fine. We earn money, go up the ladder, to raise children - and then begin to live to the fullest. But the miracle did not happen, because we just do not know how to take it. Stop spend spring cleaning in my head. Throw away all resentment and global plans. Live here and now, learn to enjoy the moment. And the best helper in this training will be for you a book. Books will show you how beautiful the world is much more interesting and unusual. How can you be happy every day, simply by the fact that you live in this world.

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